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Pet discount catalogs have been around a lot longer than the internet stores. So far I have only had pleasant and helpful experiences with discount pet catalogs for my dogs and cats. . Practically all dog and cat discount pet catalogs have 800 numbers where you can place your orders. Most of the pet discount catalogs do not carry food but do carry everything else you can imagine. The staff have always helpful and patient. When something is not right, I have had no problems in returning the product and getting a replacement. The dog and cat catalogs have products you cannot find in regular stores since they cater to such a large volume of people. Now comparative shopping on the internet with these catologues and their search functions have never been easier. So many of the products for your dogs and cats are cheap compared to your neighborhood stores. You save money on gas and sales tax which often covers shipping charges. Here are some of the best pet discount catalogues on the internet.
Pet discount catalogs
Cheaper than most onlinepet
  • Noah Pet s
  • Drfostersmith
  • omahavaccine
  • - Not Just for Ferrets!

  • Cherrybrook Specials
  • King
    wholesale warehouse


  • Petedge-formerly New England Serum

  • Revival Animal

  • kinekountry

  • valleyvet-petcatalogue

  • wolfpacks
    working dogs

  • jandj
    dogtraining equipment

  • UPCO

    Doggon wheels-special needs
  • wheelchairsfordogs

  • k9carts

  • PetStep

    return to thensome
    1-800-PetMeds  -  Save $5