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    These frugal household cleaning tips and health tips are just suggestions-please use your own judgment- If you are pressed for time,if you hold down control and f on your keyboard,a search window will pop up and you can type the word you are looking for and the page will scroll down to the references.

    One might want to read up on melatonin, especially after the horrific disaster in Manhattan(where I live). It might help reduce some stress besides helping some sleep. Research is beginning to also point that it might help prevent breast cancer and possibly other cancers. It is a powerful antioxidant. There have been studies that show that blind people(light interfers with melatonin production) may have less cancer than others. flight attendants and crews "had about twice the incidence of melanoma than expected—and a 30% higher incidence of breast cancer"Melatonin isn't expensive and it might be worth people looking into
    Just did some research re toxic fumes and surgical masks. here is an article re usefulness of face masks-
    "Summary: It seems that people wearing face masks in public to protect themselves from influenza and other germs are wasting their time and money. " It seems if you want protection you have to go with industrial face masks

    Please start questioning the overvaccination issue! We learn so much from our furry companions that apply to all of us. Visit vaccination page-are we OVERVACCINATING OUR ANIMALS.Many of us feel the assault on the immune system from all the vaccinations is causing rise in autoimmune diseases besides other diseases. Our companions are the huge sign post. Start questioning herbicides and pesticides..Some feel the rise in lymphoma in doggies is the result of exposure to these toxins.
    Canada is beginning to make the move away from pesticides"Rhubarb insecticide Boil 500 grams of rhubarb leaves in a few pints of water for about 20 minutes, allow to cool, then strain the liquid into a suitable container. Add some dish detergent or soap flakes (not laundry detergent!) and spray on leaves to kill off all kinds of bugs like aphids and spider mites. * NOTE: Rhubarb leaves contain high amounts of oxalic acid. If ingested, your heart will stop and you will die.
    Garlic and soap insecticide Pulverize in a blender a couple of whole cayenne peppers, a large onion and a whole bulb of garlic with a little water. Cover this mash with a gallon of water, let stand 24 hours and strain. Spray daily on roses, azaleas, and vegetables to kill an infestation of bugs. Don't throw away the mash; bury it among the plants where insects occur.
    All-purpose weed killer Boil a litre of water, add 2 tablespoons of salt and 5 tablespoons of vinegar. Pour directly on weeds on sidewalks, driveways, etc. while still hot." All of the following solutions are easy and should relieve anxiety about possible side effects of the commercial cleaners and more toxic cleaning solutions on your family's health and on the environment,besides money saving. If you ever had an aerosol can blow up in your kitchen and wound up in a burn unit, you too might start looking for alternatives.
    If you have inquisitive little children or pets who get into things,you also might look for alternatives that contain much less risk!
    I have not included many tips on removing stains from clothes as my speciality is staining them. Would recommend buying Washing Soda and putting it in wash to brighter whites-stay away from phosphorus based cleaners-they add an artificial glow and are terrible for environment. Would suggest however, trying shaving cream for stains, even blood on carpeting. My friend's poor dog Trooper in his final days paws bled and the shaving cream actually cleaned the blood with no problem..what a noble dog..he would not give up inspite of his legs... One can also try to use shampoo and presoak for grease stains. One could ask ones local gasoline station what soap they recommend for getting the grease out of their stains. One could also use borax to keep clean. Have also read that just rubbing soap on the stain can do amazing things. Also just soaking the clothes over night helps. A friend used to do that with socks. Bleach etc also ruins the fibers and wears out the cloth faster! Cold water doesn't set the stain as does hot water.
    With Scotchgard™ protection most liquid spills will bead up so you have time to blot the liquid away. If you vacuum your drapes and upholstered furnished, the dirt won't get a chance to become embedded and will save you pain. If you use cleaning fluids, first apply to hidden area to see if it color safe. Next put on white or naturally absorbent cotton cloth or paper towel rather than directly on stained area and blot rather than apply hard pressure that could injure fabric. Clean from outside into center of stain to prevent stain from forming a ring or spreading.
    Remember research is suggesting that dry cleaning might cause breast cancer etc-beware of those petroleum based solvents! Have read soaking clothes in milk,helps remove stains. If you have an additional tips,and you want to share them,please enter them on the forum listed in the directory. I have added links on the

    Psoriasis-try Head and Shoulders on it

    Cracked fingers-protect them with superglue.. CLEANLINKS for sites that offer stain removal for clothes

    Please read up on Premarin-especially if you love animals-there is a great deal of information on
    on the ecospirituality websitewhich also mentions natural alternatives "There are many great cruelty free alternatives to Premarin. Some are plant based and others are synthetic. Some of the prescription hormone replacements include: Estratab, Estraderm, Estrace, Cenestin, and Ortho-Est. Natural remedies which you can find at health food and other stores include Remifemin, plant based progesterone creams, Source Natural's "Hot Flash", and many other excellent supplements. "

    I have added herbal and supplement tips-please do your own homework. The directory herbal and supplement and homeopathic research will give you a lot of sites in which to do it. Who knows you might start growing your own herbs,making your own yogurt or preparing your own tinctures. In this high tech age,there is truly something comforting to returning to the "earth" and its healing properties. Herbs are inexpensive alternatives that can put less stress on vital organs,ie heart,kidneys,liver(blood circulation,diuretics etc) and can further help the immune system by detoxing our bodies and our pet bodies of parasites,bad bacteria,fungus etc,besides some possibly boosting the immune system. Have also added a lot of tips for repelling insects,ticks,etc. My research suggests
    1-800-PetMeds  -  Save $5
    diluted tea tree oil might be the repellent-who knows-it can be used for so many things. Am also adding more and more tips for petcare-the supplements such as flaxseed oil and cottage cheese apply to their owners. If you decide to start experimenting with essential oils-remember every mention of them in James Duke's Green Pharmacy warns about the danger of undiluted essential oils!-always think dilute dilute and dilute and don't leave a bottle near a little child-Lately I have been using more and more of them-soon I am planning to make my own!

    I guess I want to sing the praises of extra virgin olive oil here as a moisturer here. Two of my friends swear by it. The greener the better. A little goes a long way and doesn't create the greasy mess. You can add rosemary or some vitamin E to prevent it from going rancid if you leave it out unrefrigorated for a long time. You can add some drops of essential oil such as lavender or whatever is your favorite fragrance. You use it instead of your favorite moisturer and it should do the trick. This is especially important for those of us who take medication that cause dry mouth which might cause the moisture to leave our fingers and toes etc and lead to problems with our nails.

    Another important tip for those of you who are pregnant. Recent research suggests eating yogurt with active bacteria or taking friendly bacteria shortly before you expect to give birth. It may help to prevent a autoimmune dermatitis in your child. One study found it cut down atopic dermatis by forty four percent. I just wonder if it might also be good to give to pregnant dogs and cats whose immune systems might be wrecked by repeated vaccinations, especially since there has been a raise in autoimmune diseases.

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odor destroyers-vinegar,borax,baking soda,lit candle,charcoal pellets, and coffee grinds you can try these on mothballs smelly feet,musty old furniture,books,etc..if you use lit candles..take every precaution possible to prevent accidental fire

  • for refrigators-leave open box of baking soda..or open lemons..for freezer-activated charcoal spread out on sheet..

    essential oils are a great start for coping with household odors besides some having insect repellent qualities and possibly calming qualities-remember essential oils can be toxin if not diluted-good news is that just a few drops go a very long way-citronella is great for repelling insects-we all know about citronella candles-you can buy the extract for as low as three dollars -lavender is supposedly relaxing-you can put some on your rugs or furniture or whatever-I put drops in oil or vegetable based glycerin and even rub it on the carpets-(even put it in the bath) some oils are obviously more expensive than others-you can always go to health food store and sample the fragrances-you can find more on web or pick up an Aura Cacia brochure from health food store-you can always make your own-

  • for furniture or trunks with musty smells or mothball odors,if possible take them outside in fresh air and sunshine-if not possible

  • Rubber gloves uses
    for opening bottle lids that are difficult, rubber gloves for removing cat hair on furniture or clothes by rubbing them against the fur or hair for gardening-keeping dirt from under fingernails-easier than putting soap under fingernails-for washing hair if you have dry hands...for dying your hair..of course you can use the rubber gloves if you use harsh cleaning products...use remove gloves to remove steaming food from microwave--easier to grip than regular pot holders....
  • put baking soda or clean cat litter-you might want to buy Chlorophyll kitty litter-if you are lucky enough to have fresh grass clippings..that might be the way to go- in the trunk,armoire or drawers and the odor should be absorbed in a couple of weeks-if not you may have to strip the wood down inside and seal it with a paint sealer-which supposedly is the way to go with the worse smells

    VANILLA EXTRACT put some in old cat cans etc or something more formal and the room will smell like vanilla-bad if you get hungry on suggestion

    buy some high oxygen product like Oxy-Up which should might help kill some odors-the oxygen will suffocate them-there is something called an Ozone Room which is used for removing odors from badly contaminated articles-ie smoke etc-a friend tried it on cow urine and it didn't work-

    cut up some lemons and put them in big pot of water and boil-after hour citric fragance should refresh room-I would assume one could use oranges or other citric fruit
    Recipes for Potpourris
    so far cheapest place I have found on web to buy oils,herbs,spices and nuts :-)

    fill an old spraybottle with vinegar and water and spritz away-the odor of vinegar goes away quickly-leave some vinegar out when you are cooking fish or cabbage-( a friend always sprinkles vinegar on french fries to help cut down the grease

    fill the bathtub with very hot water and put vinegar in it and then hang clothes with smoke odors etc above it and the vinegar will help reduce the odor

    boil cinnamon sticks and cloves in water on stove and that should permeate around-again dangerous if you are the hungry type-or cinnamon and cloves-ps cloves help relieve toothaches-have also read putting tobasco or hot saucesauce on tooth relieves the pain

    burn a candle to absorb odors-but high enough away from little curious ones and drapes etc

    buy household plants which absorb odors-but which add to cleaning up as leaves drop and kitties do play

    dampen some cotton balls with fragranced oils but again away from little curious ones

    sprinkle baking soda, tea bags or coffee grounds in your shoes to reduce foot odor

    baking soda in the bottom of garbage pails helps reduce odors

    baking soda in the bottom of litter box won't harm your cat and will absorb some of urine odor

  • PETsMART.com Specials
  • feliway might help for kitty cats not using their litterbox"Feliway mimics the odor of the scent glands on cats' faces"-supposedly we can't smell it but cats don't like to soil on areas where they smell it

    soak feet in tea solution-supposedly soothing besides odor reduction-be careful of staining-have read many tips about using tea as antiquing substitute and helping to dye hair along with henna besides altering fabric colors

    for urine odors on furniture, mattresses etc dampen and sprinkle borax on the spots-the borax should neutralize the odor and then clean it again with mild detergent-for new urine accidents, use either club soda or vinegar and pour it on spot
    for wall to wall carpeting with backing, buy a hypodermic needle and fill it vinegar and inject the carpet to get to the backing and do it repeatedly.
    sprinkle baking soda or borax (you can add some essential oils ie lavender etc to add a fragance(I put a few drops in oil and then rub it on rugs and possibly antiseptic effect-(I sometimes use tea tree oil or eucalyptus-which are also insect repellents) on the carpets and then vacuum-what what it is worth a friend convinced not to use commercial rug deodorants-I think his pet wound up getting sick..whether the pet got the dust in his eyes or what actually happened I can't remember. I just know I stopped.

    sprinkle baking soda on the bed mattress to help reduce odors

    sprinkle baking soda on your furniture-you create a mess and have to spend time vacuuming it up but it seems to work

    actually you can sprinkle baking soda on your pets but careful not to get it near their nose or eyes-it helps deodorize besides when brushing it out absorbs some of oils

    While you are at it you might as well do that when you are about to sprinkle the carpet so you will have less to cleanup and what goes on the floor will contribute to your sprinkling the floor

    It might be convenient to buy a sugar sprinkler so you can just fill it with baking soda -maybe you better label it so if you are cleaning challenged you won't have to worry about using too much baking soda when you are dumping it from container-we cleaning challenged tend to be very impatient and have a lot of things on our mind other than cleaning

    for odors in refrigerator:half a lemon;open box of baking soda;used teabags

    half a lemon in garbage pail

    flavored tea bags in water in pot pourri warmers

    diluted vinegar on pet urine .be careful of that rug..reduces urine odor(you can use club soda also)

    baking soda in bottom of ashtrays helps reduce tobacco odor

    234x60 Green/White Static

    remove odors from cutting board- vinegar and baking soda

    underarm deodorant substitute-use alcohol to remove bacteria and then apply baking soda or cornstarch

    light match in bathroom or where new deposit in litter box..

    mildew odor from books-put books in bag with baking soda or clean cat litter and leave for a few weeks

    for skunk odor this is interesting linkshunk odorSUGGESTS HYDROGEN PERIOXIDE,LIQUID SOAP AND BAKING SODA -another reference to hydrogen peroxide-skunk odor killer

    A lovely person just sent me this tip for skunk odor-" If your pet is sprayed by a skunk, simply bring it into the kitchen. Take down your smoke detector, because you're going to make smoke. Take an old tin can (wash it clean). Put it on the stove with a couple of teaspoons of sugar in it (not too much - you don't want the sugar to boil over the can). Heat it until the sugar burns and leave it to burn until the smoke fills the room. The smoke should take away the skunk smell. (also useful for clothes that have been sprayed)."

    odors from fires very difficult-might have to wash clothes five times-possibly vinegar to the rinse and add baking soda-might have to degrease your walls with something stronger than vinegar or lemon and then add some sealer to further lock in the odor before you repaint return to menu

    Coping with Cat Hair

    I hate spray cans but spraying with Staticguard on the surface and letting it stay for a minute and then brushing it off works

    get clingfree or bounce or antistatic clothes and rub your the hair off the clothes(or else buy clothes that match your kitty cat's or buy a cat or dog whose hair matches your favorite color)-You can also buy a Swiffer or Grab-it or Masslinn products-they supposedly are electrostatic and will attract the hair-I have repeatedly read that fabric softeners like clingfree etc can be toxic..obviously aerosol cans aren't environmentally friendly- for those with more time, possibly try when rinsing clothes, use a 1/4 cup of vinegar or epson salt s and see if they help remove static cling from clothes and thus make them less susceptible to being recipients of pet hair and fur..they are recommended in many places for being a fabric softener

  • feeding fatty acid supplement to your beloved companions may help-ie flaxseed oil for one-I have noticed big time the difference in my schnauzer's coat-started using flaxseed for possible anti tumor properties-cod liver oil-try to get Norwegian cod liver oil-less contaminated!

    Allerpet-FAQ re allergic reaction why -their product

  • more of Dr. Foster smith's products-for shedding etc

    masking tape or other tapes with adhesives work will but you run into a fortune if you have long haired kitties-(of course if you put your clothes away that would help but for some of us creative and intellectual busy people..that is asking the impossible)

    put on rubber gloves and wet them and then rub against the hair

    try vacuuming your clothes but boy is that a pain

    use a wet sponge mop over your carpet to clump pet hair-remember to make certain it doesn't have something on it you forgot about..you can add some glycerin to the wet sponge to help the process

  • furniture fur magnet?-from Dr Foster Smith Catalog

    wet a sponge(again you can add small amount of glycerin and rub that over cat hair on clothes

  • allerpet/Nature's Miracle-possible help for pet allergies


  • check cleaning links for links to articles on allergic reactions thensome's cleaning links

    get dogs who are non shedders(usually they are hypoallergic too-ie schnauzers,bijons,poddles, or the hairless mexican dog..(ps if you get a nonshedder,you would be amazed at how easy it is to buy your own clipper and groom them haphazardly yourself-the blades are designed so if is almost impossible to clip the skin-if you buy a clipper,make certain you always feel it as to when it gets hot and might burn the dog-also it seems easy for the cleaning challenged to constantly disinfectant the clipper-since love appears to outway "better things to do with ones time

  • as we have noticed polar fleece really picks up cat hair(still haven't found a solution to get it off-if you have old polar fleece clothing item,you might also use that as a hair picker upper

    General Cleaning

    Sprinkle baking soda on whatever surface you want to clean-floor-counter etc-better to get one of those flour sprinklers to get a finer shower and then spill vinegar on the soda..voila,you hear a sizzle and then start cleaning up the mess. If you want to make it more powerful add a little borax (caveat..as I am always in a rush or have other things on my mind, I usually use too much baking soda and have to clean up the residue-even when I clean I mess up:

    diluted vinegar in water can also rinse away film from human's hair too Centralcarpet provides tips

    vinegar and newspaper(newspaper may not work as well these days since the ink has been often changed to vegetable based rather than petro based) clean mirrors and glass

    clean mirrors and glass:denatured alcohol/club soda/vinegar and newspaper

    salt and boiling water helps keeps drains flowing

    salt and boiling water-doesn't help to get the water to boil faster-just helps to raise the temperature of the water

    salt in case you don't have baking soda helps put out grease fire-also of course covering fire with a lid of a pan also helps


    cleaning electric coffee pot.. vinegar and cold water/4 tablespoons of salt and water and boiling it helps remove bitterness

    Add a dash of salt into instant coffee or bitter coffee helps to make it less bitter
    adding a drop or two of vanilla into the coffee grounds before brewing also takes away some of the bitterness

    vinegar in water while poaching or making hard boiled eggs..keep shell intact

    eggs and
    vinegar in water while poaching or making hard boiled eggs..keep shell intact

    salt-boiling in salt water helps eggs to peel easier-pouching eggs in salt water helps to keep white intact-testing eggs-two teaspoons of salt in cup of water-if it floats-don't use it

    aluminum spots-2 tablespoons cream of tartar + 1 quart hot water

    coffee stained cup-moist salt

    fiberglass stain - baking soda paste

    crystal finery - rubbing alcohol or vinegar and water with baking soda if you need something abrasive-poor it on terry cloth towel and then rub the object-supposedly it is a bad idea to use ammonia or anything more abrasive than baking soda-if you leave flowers in a crystal vase too long,though you might need vinegar or ammonia..or supposedly you can drop a denture cleaner in-

    clean fruit from pesticide or wax with baking soda

    I read a tip that if you put some water in a glass candle stick holder and then put a candle in,it will prevent some of the mess of cleaning up..as long as you don't let the candle burn all the way done

    gooey stuff-put ice cube on it or if you can put in freezer and then scrape off when hard and continue from there

    candle wax-put brown paper bag over wax and iron with warm iron-wax goes onto bag-if candle wax goes inside an object try heating object in double boiler..or if weather on your side, put object in sun and let wax melt naturally

    more on wax-if you spill it on carpet..put ice cube to harden it and then scrape off as much as possible..next take a warn iron and put brown paper bag on spots and iron..brown paper bag will absorb the remaining wax..to extend life of candle..freeze it over night..or else dip it in salt solution for a few hours or in mild detergent for a few hours..

    WD40-a very light oil-besides using it to help unstick locks(olive oil or any vegetable oil also works)

    chewing gum on floor or clothes..warm vinegar helps remove it-can put ice cube on chewing gum and let it harden and scrape off as much as you can

    you can spray it on crayon marks,lipstick marks or other grease or wax stains,and then wipe it off

  • lipstick on clothes-try rubbing some tooth paste on stain

    crayons-try an eraser-use toothpaste to get it off walls

    for the wall-heat the crayon wax with hair dryer and then try toothpaste or baking soda
    use a baking soda paste or baking powder

    if the crayons are melted-you first might want to put ice cube on it and then scrape off as much as possible before you tackle the rest-if on fabric or carpet-as with wax-you can use warm iron and put brown paper bag on spot to absorb the wax from the crayon-of course you will have to deal with color stain afterwards:-(

    inkspot-1 tbs cream of tartar 1tbs lemon juice plus cold water-try alcohol-supposedly ingredient in hairspray when people say use hairspray to take out ink stains

    mildew remover- vinegar and borax (equal amounts) first borax in warm water and then add vinegar

    mildew preventer for shower curtain-soak the curtain in salt water after cleaning it..should retard growth of mildew

    all purpose cleaner equal amounts of vinegar and borax

    vinegar cuts greasy film but can put pits in marble
    vinegar supposedly safe for color fast clothes-except cotton and linen

    vinegar in electric iron unclogs the clogs

    for fun vinegar in old milk bottle..add baking soda -and then tilt bottle away and as you are adding baking soda ,put on cork and watch the cork take off

    If you screwed up on bleaching synthetic light item and ruined anyways try soaking them for a few hours hours in a mix of 2 warmish quarts water, 1/3 cup of salt and 3/4 cup white vinegar . You can try bluing afterwards-yellowed silk or woolens-spot clean with 1 tablespoon of vinegar to one pint of water..sponge it and then wash as usual-

    coffee table rings from wet cup or glass..try a hidden area first thought..Get rid of rings left by a wet glass on your table or other furniture with a 2 TBS of white vinegar plus one pint of mineral oil ..apply with soft cloth so you don't add scratches and then dry it up

    tps of vinegar in pie crust water adds to flakiness..if you don't like flakiness except in people..forget it

    balsamic vinegar sprinkled on strawberries makes them sweeter..try it on one and see for yourself

    small amount of vinegar on meat and chicken helps tenderize it..remember a small amount

    little vinegar and salt helps removes stains etc in old iron toe breaking skillets

    clean pesticides off food by rinsing with vinegar or tiny amount of housegrade hydrogen peroxide

    clean that cauliflower..little vinegar when cooking cauliflower makes it look whiter(make sure by the way nobody in your family is allergic to vinegar ..will do the research on that later..you never know,duz you

    decal remover..soak in vinegar (always white unless otherwise mentioned-or if on nonfabric surface-use mineral oil -

    paint brush remover..soak in hot vinegar ..don't know if you should do it with sable brushes though..

    water softener..add some vinegar

    when rehemming clothes,one can sprinkle some vinegar on the crease and iron over it and it will help take out the crease

  • re ironing-some have suggested taking out the clothes that need to be ironed when they are slightly damp-easier to iron

  • one can put the clothes to be ironed in refrigator for a little while-the moisture will also help make ironing easier

  • if you use an ironing cloth over fine fabric-it will help take away possible shine from ironing,also extend the length of the garment,besides preventing some scorch marks

  • when taking clothes from washer,if you shake them while damp,ie jeans etc,less ironing will be required as many of the wrinkles will be shaken out

  • -if your watch fogs up, you might want to try to put it in a bag with rice-and then close the bag

    cleaning nonwashable wallpaper- artist gum eraser absorbs dirt and is mildly abrasive-if grease stain,either warm iron and put brown paper bag on stain to absorb the grease/rub cornstarch or baking soda on grease spot which might absorb grease-good luck..also mild detergent might help..you can also try rubbing dry bread as substitute without the crust-

    artist gum eraser also good for removing dirt from suede followed by smoothing lightly with emery board/sandpaper..you can also try the artist gum eraser on leather furniture,bags or shoes,clothes..it might help..pseudo dry cleaning without the toxicity and expense..

  • blisters from new shoes-try duct tape as a great bandage..clean foot first of course and then add a sterile gauze-I also use calendula-fast healing homeopathic gel..

  • have read that to stretch new shoes, you can stuff them with potato peels for three days..but no thanks..

    also read that proportin of 70 percent rubbing alcohol and 30 percent water and spray on shoe and then put something in shoe to stretch it..again no thanks..afraid alcohol might discolor a bit..there are commercial products..ie one by dyo..another that contains papaya enzymes..works with no staining..there is always a shoe stretcher

  • leather furniture-alcohol might take out inkspots etc-saddlesoap or Murphy's Soap-vegetable oil based-might work without drying out the leather

    rinsing clothes in vinegar helps remove static cling in final rinse

    stain remover..hopefully color fast fabric..ie coffee, tea ,grass,fruit..full strength vinegar

    oil stain -rub white chalk over stain and wash

    vinegar can be used as a corn remover..soak bread with vinegar and leave on overnight..bet your cats won't play with your feet while vinegar smell is there

    thuja,an herbal tincture,is said to remove warts-homeopathic thuja is often suggested to be given to dogs after vaccinations- PLEASE IF YOU HAVE DOGS OR CATS GO TO THE vaccinationspage- many vets are beginning to join the band wagon and saying that they are witnessing an alarming number of diseases,especially autoimmune diseases in our animals and are beginning to suspect overvaccination-also more parents are wondering if vaccinations are hurting their children as they witness a higher incidence of asthma,allergies,etc

    plantar warts, soak a black tea bag in hot water, place tea bag on the wart for fifteen minutes a couple of times a day.

    sore throat..gargle with vinegar and water..can't hurt(during time of Plague..robbers used a concoction of vinegar etc as a defense against the plague when they robbed the poor victims..apparently it worked..Four thieves Recipe or something like that..

    some people use water and add vinegar and wash their face..

    vinegar in humifidier..check with manufacturer..might reduce the scarey bacteria you heard about..

    Mildew on clothes-use lemon juice-although it might bleach fabric-let it dry and then wash again

    use a bit of baking soda and water in thermos container to get rid of odor

    put a ball of steel wool or piece of screen or fine net in the drain of bathtub when cleaning your pets since it will catch the hairs-use judgment because obviously you don't want the whole works to go down the drain and create another problem

    add to tablespoons of vinegar to pt of mineral oil to clean water rings off table tops and then obviously wipe off with soft cloth so you don't get other things greasy by accident

    stubborn stain use lemon juice and borax and then scrub it with an abrasive pad.

    scouring powder- salt and soap

    disinfectant-1/2 borax half hot water

    adding baking soda to your scouring pad dish may prevent it rusting

    vinegar can help remove rust on nuts and bolts and other mineral deposits such as calcium deposits-

    ps if you are hammering or removing nails,hold a rubber spatula near the nail(ps you can also put masking tape over the area you are hammering or where the claw part of hammer touches the wall to protect the wall)

  • supposedly
    vinegar slows down plaster from hardening,so if you are doing some spackling etc,you might want to try to add some vinegar.

    water mark-toothpaste

    dishwasher cleaner- borax and washing soda

    heavily soiled washing loads-add 1/2 cup borax

    spray starch-two tsps cornstarch in one pt cold water-put in old spray bottle

    fabric softener-add 1/4 cup baking soda in final rinse

    paint brush softener-hot vinegar

    perspiration stain - baking soda or soak in salt water

    fresh coffee stains - use cold salt water

    blood stains - soak incold salt water-then wash-then if fabric can take it boil it

    porcelain stain - baking soda

    porcelain stain - cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide paste

    porcelain stain - salt and rub sliced lemon on the stains

    porcelain stain - when really bad wet paper towel with bleach and then leave it for while on the inside of sink-

    oven spills -sprinkle a lot of salt and then scrub

    banana peel-shoe polish

    wine stain - salt

    scorch mark remover-grated onion

    grease fire- baking soda

    burns-cold water, tea bags

    sunburn- vinegar-I received a suggestion about soaking a towel with vinegar and putting it on the sunburn-it draws out the heat and possibly helps limit the peeling

    wallpaper remover- vinegar

    vegetable stains on hands etc-rub sliced raw potatoes on the stains

    tooth polisher- baking soda with some lemon juice

    remove odors from cutting board- vinegar and baking soda

    deodorize shoes and of course sneakers-put baking soda in them-ps remember you will have to vacuum if you come home and start walking barefoot..

    spot clean wallpaper- baking soda with enough water for paste

    color ring- baking soda paste

    mildew stains on clothes- baking soda paste

    scratches on laminated counters-use baking soda paste -again the more baking soda and vinegar you use..the more you are also absorbing odors in the house

  • brightening yellowed cotten and linen-boil for an hour in baking soda/salt solution

    wicker cleanersalt use a stiff bruff dipped in warm saltwater and then let dry in the sun-helps prevent yellowing

    bleach substitute= borax 1/4 cup of borax to 2 cups water

    bleach substitute= Sodium Perborate/sodium hexametaphosphate - a chlorine-free, natural bleaching mineral-helps remove rust or iron stains from clothes-there are commerical products such as super iron out..but don't know the ingredients

    mold and mildew cleaner and preventer borax

    mildew remover vinegar and salt

    floor or furniture polish - Use 1 part lemon to 2 parts olive oil and apply sparingly Or mix three parts olive oil and one part vinegar or one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil or ready made Mayonnaise

    scuff marks-grated onion

    spot remover-club soda lemon juice or salt

    club soda as mirror cleaner

    hairspray if you must-way to kill flies or bees..makes them not able to fly

    tea bags-for staining furniture and for staining off white fabrics to get a new look

    baking soda and lemon -help get teeth whiter

    denatured alcohol-cleans spots and mirrors

    potato in soup which has too much salt -absorbs salt

    bay leaves in drawers-helps keep away insects

    lemon plus baking soda -mild abrasive stain remover

    mineral oil on sticky labels etc helps remove the label

    baking soda for fires-keep near stove-creates carbon dioxide which helps extinquish fire

    eucalyptus oil -removes tar stains ..put some oil on cloth and then let it soak into fabric..then proceed with usual cleaning

    have read that mayonnaise also removes tar stains ..put some oil on cloth and then let it soak into fabric..then proceed with usual cleaning

    bleach substitute-Sodium hexametaphosphate-also found that a commercial product uses it as a coating for dog biscuits to clean doggy's teeth-

    leather-linseed oil and vinegar

    patent leather-polish with vinegar

    patent leather-rub with unbeaten whites of egg,let dry and then polish

    toothpaste-put on glass scratches and polish-helps diminish the scratches-

    toothpaste--lifts crayon marks off the floor

    newspaper or brown shopping bags-lettuce leaves etc-help absorb grease while cooking soup

    urine odor-put baking soda in bottom of litter box to absorb odor-have also read that putting borax sprinkled on bottom of box also helps but I wouldn't as in my household whatever can go wrong goes wrong..
    baking soda in the bottom of litter box won't harm your cat and will absorb some of urine odor

    for urine odors on furniture,mattresses etc dampen and sprinkle borax on the spots-the borax should neutralize the odor and then clean it again with mild detergent-

    vinegar helps remove urine odor from rugs- baking soda , cormeal, cornstarch ,or club soda sprinkled on rugs and furniture also help remove urine odor-have also read to use ammonia first and then vinegar -but I prefer to no longer use ammonia because of the fumes-I have used Natural Miracle and that didn't do the trick-I have read about bacteria(microbes)eating up petroleum etc,so just discovered a company Justritethat appears to have microbes eat the urine-I have also sent rugs to the cleaners and the urine smell didn't disappear-but on the other hand, a small oriental rug which appeared to be a favorite of one of my kitty cat's when she was very old and wanting to leave her scent behind here was about to be thrown out-instead I left it outside for a couple of months-a wool rug-wouldn't you know it,the rain finally removed all traces of urine smell-have also read that putting aluminum foil over the spot where your kitty cat likes to leave her/his scent works as a preventative,since cats don't like to walk on the foil-

    club soda on wet urine - -use can also use borax to neutralize and disinfect the urine(or spilt milk for that matter)by dampening the area and rubbing the borax in-let it dry and then brush it off
    buy some high oxygen product like Oxy-Up which should might help kill some odors-the oxygen will suffocate them-there is something called an Ozone Room which is used for removing odors from badly contaminated articles-ie smoke etc-a friend tried it on cow urine and it didn't work-

    vinegar acts to neutralize bases that contain alkaline soaps-thus gets soap film out in final laundry rinse-also breaks down urine odor when used cleaning baby's diapers etc

    Static 150x50

    Coping with pots and pans and metals

    really bad pots and pans or ovens-use ammonia-or inclose hopeless pan or pot in big plastic bag-pour in ammonia and then seal bag and leave overnight

    non coated pans-boiling 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1 cup of water for ten minute

    enamel coated discoloration- paste of equal amounts of salt and vinegar, clean area & let sit for 15 minute
    /sprinkle it with 2 to one ratio of lemon to salt and let stand for about one hour

    Burnt Pots & Pans-paste of water and baking soda rubbed on and let sit for an hour..but boiling with vinegar and baking soda is a lot speedier

  • teapot/coffee pot- fill it with equal parts of vinegar and water and boil

  • cleaning a wok- small amount of salt and scrub it with a paper towel dampened with cooking oil.

    copper pans-tomato paste rubbed on really helps/slice a lemon in half, pour some salt on it rub it

    I threw out my aluminum pans for potential health risks but supposedly boiling some apple peels in it for a few minutes helps rid discoloration

  • /or cut a potato in half and rub the pot or pan with the slices

    - aluminum- 1 quarts water and 4 tablespoons cream of tartar, vinegar, or acidic food(ie tomato,lemon etc) and boil for 10 minutes. Rinse & scour lightly with a steel-wool soap pad. Rinse again.

  • >/again read this but haven't tried it-to remove burnt food,boil an onion in the pan

  • oven spill-sprinkle salt on it and later should be an easier cleanup-you can add cinnamon which will make the spill smell nice

    alumimum foil, salt and baking soda and very hot water-lifts of a lot of tarnish from silverplate-the alumimum foil is essential for creating the magic-not as magically as I would wish for..have read boiling the silverware with those ingredients also works..

    brass cleaner-catsup-I wasn't very successful though

    one can dip brass into a solution of 1 part ammonia to 8 parts water for an immerse..totally immerse the object

    vinegar or newspaper cleans chrome

    stainless steel streak cleaning-rub with olive oil or club soda

    stainless (ha) steel stains-clean with vinegar and baking soda(if need be for mild abrasive and chemical reaction)

    rust on stainless steel appears to be caused when the alloy chromium which is maybe 10% of the material-rest being iron-diminishes-have read to be careful when cooking not to leave acid containing food such as vinegar,ketchup,vinegar,lemon(all those things that can be used as nontoxic mild cleansers plus salt(another cleaner),mustard,milk,salad oils,etc are left too long..you can use mild Scotchbrite pad or very fine steel wool to rub the "bleached out part" or white spots out or difficult stains-also you are always supposed to go with the grain..which makes a lot of sense

    alumimum spot remover-2 tbs of cream of tartar plus one quart hot water

    silver tarnish-rub tarnish first with salt

    silver tarnish-try cleaning with toothpaste
    Professional opinion-don't
    "Do clean fine jewelry often to maintain its sparkle and beauty. Do not use toothpaste as its abrasives can damage softer gems and metals. All fine jewelry can be safely cleaned by soaking for 10 minutes in warm soapy water (using a non-detergent soap). Use a soft brush on harder gems to loosen any dirt around the prongs. To reduce greasy build-up on diamond jewelry, dip it in plain alcohol or vodka before soaking."SOURCE Jewelryinternational

    brass cleaner-equal parts white vinegar with equal parts flour and salt to make paste-leave on for hour and then buff with soft cloth

    brass cleaner-make a paste of cream of tartar with lemon juice - then buff with soft cloth-initially you can also first clean with mineral oil-takes away a lot of dirt

    copper cleaner-white vinegar and salt

    brass and copper cleaner..equal parts vinegar and lemon with enough salt and flour to create paste(careful of salt as it is an abrasive-later putting a slight mineral oil trace on object makes it shine more

    brass cleaner-Worcestershire sauce

    brass half lemon dipped in salt and rub unlacquered brass..rinse and buff

    pewter-polish with cabbage leaves

    Brass and copper sour milk or nonflavored yogurt-let it dry and then wipe off.

    aluminum pot stains-boil apple peels in pot

    Be certain to determine first whether wood is finished or unfinished-most of these tips refer to finished wood-sealed woodsome of these tips can be found in other sections of this page

  • if refinishing wood, you might want to try tack clothes to help remove dust and particles and other foreign objects
  • when staining, you might want to add a little wood putty powder to the stain to have a better finish
  • musty odors in trunks and furnitures
    if possibly put outside and let fresh air and sunshine help vaporize the odor
    put kitty litter,open bag of charcoal,ground coffee or baking soda in trunk,armoire or drawers and close for a couple of weeks
    for too strong an odor,you might have to sand down the inside and then use a paint sealer
  • mineral oil-rubbing mineral oil on table tops that have gooey substances-ie petromalt makes it easier for the goo to come off without using an abrasive that might scratch the top
  • 2 to 1 ratio of paraffin wax to vinegar for finished floor wax-use a double boiler if possible to melt the wax,then add vinegar-use a soft cloth-and let it soak in wax-vinegar mix for at least half an hour-let it dry and use as polishing cloth
    gooey stuff that hardens-like gum-put an ice cube to harden it-carefully scrap off with nonsharp edge-like plastic credit card-thumb nail etc-then use extra fine steel wool to remove what is left
  • paint-if latex-quickly clean off with water-if oil based use mineral spirits-if you waited too long-use boiled linseed oil(just love flaxseed!)
    cigarette burns-rub going with grain-linseed oil and rottenstone for mild abrasive
  • for floor or furniture-2 to 1 ratio of vegetable oil to lemon-be careful at first,surface becomes slippery-substitute-mayonaisse-you might want to rub cloth over to take off excess
  • first wait until surface is dry-water marks-white-cigarette ashes and lemon,toothpaste,petroleum jelly or mayonaisse(best to leave mayonaisse on overnight-then wipe off excess
  • water rings-some vegetable oil with salt-enough to make a paste-leave on for 1/2 hour-again test some inconspicuous area
  • staining-be creative-ie black walnut,tea bags,magic market might help-first test on nonconspicious piece
  • if strong surface-for water marks or heat marks-equal part baking soda and white toothpaste-remember baking soda has abrasive properties
  • buy extrafine steel wool-0000-(won't scratch hopefully)-use some vegetable oil-to help remove heat marks-
  • nail polish-extra fine steel wood dipped in wax-go with grain
  • ballpoint ink spots-hairspray or alcohol-be careful and go slowllly


    Coping with pests-insects,ticks,mosquitoes-it is quite easy to buy the essential oils and herbs off the net and create your own concoctions or flea collars or sprays-(the usual caveat re herbs is warning for many if your pet is pregnant etc

  • borax or boric acid is repeatedly mentioned to help kill crawling insects with hard shells and fleas-usually mixed with sugar or confectionary sugar- if infestation really bad-you might need more drastic measures-

  • creating your own sticky traps is quite easy-molasses is a powerfully sticky ingredient-pour molasses in open containers and put them where your little ones can't access them-

  • essential oils are also the way to go-again remember-they are poisonous if ingested(they are so concentrated)-but a drop or two shouldn't be cause for alarm-first make certain the fragrance doesn't annoy you

  • lavender-might be one way to go-besides its tranqil affect-ie some rub it on their forward-some even spray their bedding with a diluted lavender oil and water-perversely a lot of insects are repelled by it-

  • citric essential oils-citronella,lemon balm,etc act as repellents- -in summer,I put a few drops on a cloth with vegetable based glycerin and rub it on area rugs-as I leave windows open-I put it in areas where which aren't my cats favorites-supposedly rubbing furniture with citric essential oils are a cat deterent-

  • moths-cloves,cedar wood,lemon verbena or French marigold might act as repellents

  • crickets-neem oil spray-(neem and tea tree oil and eucaplytus oils seem to be great repellents-

    mice-get a cat-mice seem to sense the presence of a cat-at least in apartments and tend to avoid the premises.

    sticky traps work-if you want to put them out of their misery-once caught-drown in toilet on trap-if you want to free them to release them elsewhere-put the trap in large deep container and pour vegetable oil on them and they will be able to free themselve with some pushes from you with soft ended object

    bowl of beer-keeps away slugs in garden

    roach repellent-bay leaves and cucumber skins

  • look into tea tree oil and neem to repel ticks and other insects-there are suggestions that tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil might be best natural repellents!

    nemotodes-put on soil to eat flea larva etc
    place to buy nematodes and description
    Link for nematodes-don't know prices

    Charles D. wrote that Tide with bleach has solved his problem with ants and slugs-"There is no dilution in the tide. You use it directly from the box dry and place it in cracks in the concrete and around areas that are infested with bugs."

    slug repellent-marigold plants

    mice-supposely don't like smell of peppermint-get peppermint oil or peppermint gum and place it where mice might be hiding-READ in other places to put out potato buds-dried potato-when the mice drink water..the buds will expand and do them in

    speariment gum-supposedly mealybugs don't like the smell.put some sticks in kitchen cabinets

  • household flies- citronella, cedarwood, lavender, and geranium might work-you can also make your own fly traps by dipping paper in honey or molasses and hanging them from walls-you can clean the mess with oil-mineral,vegetable oil,etc

    mothball alternatives-cedar chips or oil/lavender/whole peppercorns/sachet of dried lavender/or dried rosemary/or mint

    Catalogcity carries cedar spray for about eight dollars, besides cedar balls and cedar draw liner and other cedar products.. Click on link and type in cedar
    Deal of the Day at CatalogCity.com

    flies-keep bowls of dried lavender in each room

    lemongrass-insect repellent

  • a few drops of tea tree oil in shampoo may help repel pests

    flies-put honey on long narrow strips of yellow paper and hang them -homemade fly trap-have also read a bowl of molasses at night with a spotlite on the bowl..

  • lavender,citronella, pennyroyal,feverfew and pyrethrum might repel mosquitoes

    ants supposedly dislike mint..so plant some mint near entrances-have read they get discouraged with chili powder etc but with my pets..I don't want to look for trouble-have read that cayenne pepper,a line of vaseline or chalk act as a barrier-have also read rubbing vaseline around pet food bowls help prevents ants from staking a claim

    germanium oil-may help repel ticks-LYMES

    tobacco (cigarette) in hot water-then use the polluted water in plant's soil to help prevent aphids,etc-remember tobacco is toxic to little ones
    Seedman-has list of plants that are natural repellents-

    Special Uses for health and "beauty"-not just pets-some of these tips have been found by looking at herbal research. If you want to investigate more,on the herbal reference site I have many links to information. Still searching for latest research in holistic remedies. Please keep in mind,as with everything,you should be aware of side effects and go SLOWLY!.Check with your vet-Re Herbs-have read that most human doseages as for approxiately humans weighing around 140 or 150 pounds-which might give an idea as to how much to give to your pet..also have repeatedly read that if you decide to go herbal way-two weeks off and two weeks on might be more effective do your own research-- -CLICK HERE FOR THE HERBAL REFERENCE SITEAnother page contains current great deals re pet supplies and holistic supplies.--Click here for some great deals-!

  • Rose Hip Seed Oil-for the skin-Research in South America shows that it helps the skin-scars,premature aging, pigmentation spots etc..Vitaminshoppe sells Aubrey's Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil at a discount..(if anybody has used it or tries it..please write me and tell me if they think it worksmymorgy@hotmail.com
  • for hangovers or prevention of hang overs, one might try honey before or after drinking..another suggestion is to take B12's
  • Epsom salt in the bath-contains magnesium which helps relaxes muscles

  • if you have a microwave, you may want to put some rice in a cotton sock and nuke it for less than a minute and use it as a hot compress for sinus headaches

  • baking soda in bath-besides helping to clean bathtub,helps soothe and condition tired feet besides helping to remove oils and perspiration-some use baking soda s toothpaste-some use baking soda as deodorant and some also add an essential oil such as tea tree oil to make it even more affective-also can be used to clean hair-besides as an antacid and for cleaning dentures

  • natural underthearm deodorants-turnip juice and radish juice-vinegar-there have been warnings re aluminum related to Alzheimer's and breast cancer, but so far there doesn't appear to be conclusive research

    if you want to make your own cream deodorant, you can use a base of vegetable glycerin and bees wax

  • bad foot odor-try soaking your feet in tomato juice-try vinegar with a few tablespoons of epsom salt in warm water-

  • try some sage leaves in your shoes or buy some essential sage oil and put a few drops in warm water and soak

  • honey-good quality-may have antibiotic effects

    olive oil may help prevent skin cancer-recent Japanese study

    sting nettle might help hayfever

  • Bee stings-peppermint oil might help relieve discomfort-olive oil might help heal-homeopathic Apis might relieve-plantain leaves and chickweed or crushed garlic cloves

    remove itch from bugbites- vinegar

  • soaking arthritic hands in apple cider vinegar might help

  • insect repellants-

  • look into Tea Tree Oil and Neem and Eucalytus for possibly best tick repellents

  • peppermint(tea) for diahrrea and helping to settle stomach

    boiled rice(ie the starch content-make it mushy-plus chicken,lamb or hamburg also helps diahrrea

    just read in Dr. Goldstein's pet health book-50% white potatoes,50% sweet potatoes and a slice of turnip and piece of scallion boiled with chicken or not fatty meat helps stop diahrrea-(again the binding starch?

    black walnut might be good for gums and teeth-have read even removing plaque etc

    soak a towel with warm water and add vinegar and place on face-might help bad headaches

    licorice(not the candy)as alternative to cortisone-have read that licorice has antidepressive effects-don't if you pet has heart involvement

    adding astragulus to your diet or pet's diet might help immune system

    prickly pear might help toothaches

    ginger might help diahrrea besides motion sickness
    just read that somebody feeds their dogs ginger snaps on car trips-great idea for your two legged little ones also

    cottage cheese helps stools-probiotics -also yogurt and kefir

    canned pumpkin(fermentable fiber) for cats with constipation or diahrrea problems

    slippery elm bark for constipation and diahrrea problems

    black walnut for helping get rid of worms-also supposedly great for teeth care

    milk thistle to help with liver disease

    applying mustard to burns may help heal the burns

    red raspberries might help cancer(a cup a day

    cottage cheese may help your pet with stomach problems

    cottage cheese with flaxseed oil may help build your pet's immune system

    intermittent use of echincea may also help immune system

    arnica and arnica gel great for bruising,swelling and pain-

  • colloidal oatmeal massage might help relieve painful spots-also oatmeal bath might soothe skin

    selsun shampoo might help mange

    Essiac tea or floressence may help immune system

    Ester C(easier on the stomach might boost your pet's immune system

    IP-6 may help immune system

    diet high in fats and proteins and minimal carbohyrdrates may help doggies with cancer

    garlic may be good for immune system

    natural cortisone may have less side effects than synthetic cortisone

    hypericum may help reduce nerve pain

    ledum may help with Lymes disease and tick bites

    collidal silver may be natural antibiotic

    have seen testimonials to eucalyptus and honey as possible help for cataracts

    enough research that honey(especially from certain areas is great for healing burns and bruises

    aloe-vera good for healing skin-also for digestion and immune system-unpleasant taste but your dog or kitty might try to lick it off anyways which would be good
    euphresia(eyebright) might help your kitties eyes

    kava kava or passion flower may decrease anxiety

    coffee cruda may help one go to sleep

    rescue remedy by Bach may help reduce anxiety in your pet and make it easier to groom him/her

    soak tea bags in boiling water and let cool enough to prevent burning-open the bags and place them on burned areas as quickly as possible

    supposedly the soaked tea bag can help heal canker sores etc

    read for tooth extraction biting down on soaked tea bag might help the blood to coagulate-

    soaked tea bags help soothe eyes

    buy a small vaporizer and put water with tea tree oil drops or eucalpytus oil drops in it..unless you don't like the smell..it will help deter bacteria etc besides lending a scent to the room-

    vinegar and used warm tea bags helps reduce burn pains and swelling..if you really have done it to yourself..race into cold shower..I did that when I had second degree burns and think saved myself some scarring

    keep an aloe vera plant in your house-great for burns or infections-break off part and rub

  • turn oatmeal into colloidal oatmeal-pulverize the oatmeal in food processor-have used it to massage Morgy's bone cancerous leg-have also put it in bathtub for soothing bath-be careful-slippery

    for insect bite,try rubbing a raw onion on it

    cut cucumber slices also helps make eyes feel better

    facial astringent-witch hazel and strong black tea solution-have also read that green tea might be helpful in preventing cancer-also Lipton is promoting that tea is antioxidantM

    makeup brushes-save money by buying paint brushes..go to art supply store-often times you will find same brush as you would in cosmetic store

  • if you can't find your nail brush cleaner..you can always boil old tooth brushes and use them as small nail brushes:-)

    interesting read on vinegar and arthritis-on Gary Null Website

    link for tear stains

    If only we could train our kitties to teach us the patience in cleaning-well actually my two white Persians don't groom themselves the way my other kitties did-guess they think they are just fine the way they are-are maybe because they have so much fur-they also get tired at the thought

    there are a lot of herbal remedies-but they also may carry risk-please if you use some,try to find out the possible side effects and be vigilant as you would for any remedy-I hardly introduce anything at all to my cats and dogs without first consulting my vet or my friend who has breed cats for 35 years and has seen it all :-) PLEASE THIS TIPS ARE JUST POSSIBILITIES THAT YOU SHOULD FURTHER RESEARCH!Australian Tree Oil-anti fungal-used also in pet products

    dilute vinegar in water to rinse pet after washing..beware the eyes(a drop of mineral oil will help protect their precious eyes

    change diet for tear stains-has worked with my white persians-far less staining now

    cod liver oil drops(soothing and source of vitamin a-would suggest buying norwegian cod liver oil-others maybe way too contaminated- in your kitty's eyes might relieve them

    try enticing your kitty to eat yogurt/cottage cheese-possibly with sardines to see if that might help constipation(ie help restore good bacteria-it appears to have helped Snowy bigtime

    for constipation,add a tiny bit of psyllium husk power into food-research it first and ask your vet-stopped with Snowy as it caused gas

    fermenteable fiber in Pumpkin which many cats like may also help-Beet Pulp is another

  • cats may drink more water if you use non chorinated water-their sense of smell is awesome-a friend warned me re collecting rain water-he said it could contain toxics-ugh-guess cheapest alternative is a Brita filter

    apple cider vinegar ..few drops in pets' water..might help prevent bacteria,weight gain, and might balance out acids and possibly help prevent stones(my vet said it would take an incredible amount of vinegar to do that! but have read stones are often caused by infections/have also read vet say not caused by infections :-)

  • six drops of beano in pet food might help prevent gas in your doggy. Be careful if your dog is deep chested..deep chested dogs are prone towards bloat which can be deadly. If your companion has a lot of gas you might want to eliminate soy products. You might also want to test for parasites.
  • for pilling, you might want to wrap the pill in cream cheese..it often works as a great disguise..also butter helps the pill go down..also for the tough cat..you can crush the pill and then syringe in with water but ask your vet first!
  • some mayonaisse may help pass furballs-guess it is oil in it
  • flaxseed oil with its many proported benefits may aid in preventing furballs as it strengthens hair-my senior dogs' coats look beautiful now..
    try slippery elm for vomiting and furballs and diahrrea or to help pass some "foreign object"-friend said slippery elm was the only thing that worked to help clear up his ulcer-

    emergencies-if you animal eats a cooked bone,glass,needle etc-besides possibly taking your animal to the vet-you might want to give them soft bread or mashed potatoes..best best is not to have string or sewing needles with thread around.. friend's kitty cat swallowed a needle and thread-thank goodness her vet was able to remove it without major surgery

    you might want to buy powdered super C-high concentration so you can put it in the water and might not put off finicky drinkers-a woman who has rescued over 60 kitty cats swears by vitamin C-another said that her doggies's tumour went down with vitamin C and started coming back when she stopped..

    for the sick-you might want to buy liver and puree in chicken soup-easier for a sick animal to have liquified food..ALWAYS ASK YOUR VET FIRST!(i DO WHENEVER i TRY SOMETHING NEW-)

    try black walnut for worms-again research it and ask your vet

    pumpkin seeds,papaya seeds,cloves or garlic might also help deworm

    wormwood,black walnut(read up on black walnut hulls-can cause allergic reaction related to a fungus,and cloves might help detox body of parasites

    try putting colloidal silver in drinking water-check out research and its use as natural antibiotic

    keep activated charcoal on hand-research it for poison antidote-ie antifreeze etc

    get Rescue Remedy-Bach flowers remedy- great for trauma and stress

    do research on Bach Remedies-a lot of testimonials say they work-there are many websites that explain which one to use

    put chamomille tea in your pets water dish-supposedly might lessen their stress and relax them-

    flaxseed oil and cottage cheese-booster of immune system besides other benefits-Dr Bugwig reported positive results in treating cancer and tumor reduction-..more information for flaxseed..

  • flaxseed might also help to prevent excessive shedding and promote thicker hair

    check out some natural immune boosting research such as tumeric-garlic

    using juice from dandelion stems might help heal hotspots on doggies-have read dandelion roots referred to as poor man's lasix-guess because it is diruetic

  • using tofu that has been left out a couple of days and rubbing it on dog may help hotspots

  • ear treatment(or fungal infections): 16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol,4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder, 16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%-called Blue Powder Ear Treatment-so many people say it really works   -you can always get CVS to order the Gential Violet..it is just over two dollars..I am trying it now on Hammy-if you are adventurous..and also have salt and pepper colored hair..you can put a little on some of your own hair and have a "violet hue"..read up on blue powder treatment
  • Have also read that some use kyolic(garlic)drops in ear for yeast infections-please please ask your vet first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vinegar ..supposedly cats don't like the smell and will stay away from area you put the vinegar on.. not my snowball though..his curiosity is just too much

    citrus oil ..supposedly cats don't like the smell and will stay away from area you put spray it on(ie couches.)

    another said for cleaning pets ears one part vinegar ,one part alcohol and on part water..

    another said for cleaning pets ears is mineral oil

    after bathing the dog, add vinegar to rinse water to help remove soap film and also to get rid of some doggy ordor-I don't though because with my luck I could wind up getting it in their eyes. Another tip re eyes is putting a drop of mineral oil in pet's eyes so in case you get cleaning stuff in the eyes it won't hurt..also putting petroleum jelly around eyes also acts as barrier..again I won't because they I will be stuck figuring out how to get the petroleum jelly off the furniture and doggie or kitty cat..

    "polishing cat's fur-egads read that after you clean your kitty you can use a chamois cloth

    cornstarch also mentioned as way to stop bleeding when you clicked the nails too close-also stinging nettle

    peppermint oil on paws of dogs might calm him down

  • have had no luck with pet detanglers-frequent brushing is one way to prevent mats-if you have dogs like my schnauzers-forget trying to brush their legs-one solution is to be brave and buy electric clipper-they have safety blades so as long as you don't buy surgical blade-you don't have to worry about cutting them-only burning them if you let the clipper get too hot-always test the blade's heat!-peanut butter might help remove tar or sap which can really create mats-as soon as your furball gets goo on them- giving them a spot bath-will help prevent the mat-

  • remember if you decide just to clip them for summer-their fur acts as insulation against the heat-white animals especially are also subject to skin cancer so their fur protects them against that-

  • there are scissors with round tips so if you decide to cut them-those scissors might help prevent an accident-there are also combs with blades recessed in them-another way to help remove mats-

  • for bathing-you might want to buy a flower remedy-ie Rescue Remedy-Rock Rose etc and rub it in your companion's ear-you might also want to use it yourself-it might help relax them-a friend suggested for her kitty cats-she puts a basin in the bathtub with warm water-less threatening for the cat-they don't have to hear the running water of the shower-

  • buy a shower attachment hose-for those days when your animal might have tummy problems-easy way to remove stools-the force of the water makes cleaning a lot easier and faster

  • buy some baby shampoo and put in your own drops of lavender oil..good for skin and possibly might have calming effect..you might also add chamomille..

    use cornstarch , baking soda ,or cornmeal as a temporary dry cleaner for your pet and then brush it off- baking soda will act as deodorizer-don't use on long cottony haired cats though-had to use a chopstick to demat Snowy-to find where his mat began and his skin ended-(had to buy a 40 surgical blade to get rid of the mats-very very very slowly-had to make certain the skin was stretched so the blade wouldn't nick him-

    Slipcover Clearance Sale at HomeVisions.com!

  • for very thickly matted cats-poke an object between the skin and fur-so at least you have a guideline where one begins and the other ends-

    yeast infections-dab some tea tree oil on cotton soaked in mineral oil-seemed to work on my schnauzers' ears-you might also try vinegar..

    scratches or skin irritation-try calendula or hypercal-the calendula with hydrogen peroxide first seemed to clear up my kitty cats skin-irritated when fur matts peeled

    Have read that after bathing your cat,you can put the poor little one into a sink filled with water and a cake of bluing soap to make him/her whiter than white- i WON'T USE THIS TIP-even though bluing is used in some pet shampoos-also read that in South Africa,they use bluing soap as antifungal-also have to ask my vet about Australian Tea Oil as antifungal-SO FAR HAVE READ ONE CAVEAT REGARDS TO PETS

    Haven't tried this one yet,supposedly if you wash your white kitty cat with club soda, that also will take the yellow away and make the white whiter..also sounds quite safe for the challenged ..

    cornstarch for matted fur-rub into the fur and then start brushing or combing it out. too busy freaking out over my poor doggy-

  • for the piggy eater-spread the food out on newspaper-that should slow him/her down-or put a big ball in the food dish-that should also enforce a slow down-

    also putting food dish on raised platform-which is also safer to prevent certain health problems

  • if you notice "acne" on your kitty and you are using a plastic bowl-it might be an allergic reaction to the plastic-switch to some other container-ie glass etc

    just read that somebody uses listerine to treat the acne-

    for the finicky eater,try putting some boiling water in their wet cat food, they might prefer a mushy and slightly warm meal

    paste of white fuller's earth and boracic powder supposedly cleans tear stains

    diluted chamomile tea for tear stains eyes..supposedly doesn't sting-a cat lady told me that you anything you can use on your eyes you can use on your kitties-
    Dr. Goldstein in The Nature of Animal Healing suggests Cod Liver Oil for eye irritations..

    cleaning Persian's stains boric powder and fuller's earth and enough hydrogen peroxide to create a paste and then leave it on for a bit then clean it off..again..even if I put mineral oil in my kitties's eyes as a barrier, I am too much of a worry wart to do it..this way I am one of the only ones who knows my kitties are pure white-(ps I read somewhere that the tear stains are from oxidization-my vet said that some kitties are born with viruses and produce more of tears than others..

    cleaning Persian's stains and eyes-buy eye washer ie Bausch and Lomb which is a mixture of boric acid

    cleaning Persian's stains equal amounts of milk of magnesia, cornstarch and hydrogen peroxide to form a paste -I won't use that tip..I am too cleaning challenged and only want ultra safe alternatives for tear stains..I was also advised to use a little Joy -I will just stick with Bausch and Lomb

    For long haired kitty cats, when clipping them yourselves, you may try a little alcohol to wet down their fur..again check with your vet

    indepth link for tear stains

    citronella, eucalyptus, vanilla, pennyroyal, geranium and cedarwood and rue SUPPOSEDLY natural flea repellents

    supposedly sprinkling carpet with salt or borax helps kill flea eggs-but be sure to vacuum afterwards

    fleas-brewers yeast with garlic in doggy's food-I have heard that repeatedly but didn't work for me-I just take a shower hose and put them in tub and spray away-for flea bite allergy-I have given them small amount of antihistomine..but ask your vet-I have also used vinegar and have read that vinegar also helps keep fleas away-one breeder offered tip of putting vinegar in dog's food ..and that should do the trick of keeping away fleas..have heard numerous times that apple cider vinegar helps keep one healthy and helps keep one thinner..

    CITRIC OIL/tea tree oil/neem oil in bath helps repel fleas

    sprinkle salt on carpet and leave it for a few hours and that should kill fleas-one can also put salt in vacuum cleaner which will also kill the fleas once they are in the bag-again call manufacturer of vacuum to see if all right

    supposedly you can just drown fleas by keeping your pet in the bathtub and sudsing him up for 20 minutes-
    there is a product Green Hope Farm Flea Free by Green Hope Farms-flower remedy-nontoxic-supposedly it really works-the cheapest price I have found is at
    Green Hope Farm Flea Free

    Long haired kitties-tie a plastic bag losely on tail when you have to cleanup after they mess up-this way at least the tail won't get drenched

    dog biscuit study to determine if they clean teeth
    The most significant conclusion of this study is that conventional dog biscuits are of NO EFFECT as a teeth cleaning aid for dogs.

    information on clipping-also cat tips-use of blades etc

    discount animalhousepetsSodium hexametaphosphate is commonly used as part of household detergents! Australian Tea Oil-antifungal

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